Pizza Truck

Hi Friends!

Well, the bookings for catering parties continue to flood in, the business is growing, and on Thursday morning, in Ft. Collins, CO, I will be picking up our second pizza truck oven for Victoria’s Wood Fired Pizza Catering.

As I write this (4/23/13), I’m holed in a Motel just outside Denver, CO, waiting for a storm to pass…kind of a freak storm, with several inches of snow in Denver, and over a foot of new snow in the mountains. Today’s forecast high in Denver: 27 degrees….this day last year: 82 degrees!

On the Pizza Truck trail to Colorado; our friends the Tarabulskis offered amazing hospitality at their beautiful horse farm in Illinois…gorgeous country in spite of record flooding of the Illinois and other rivers.

Pizza Truck Trail - Tarabulski Farm Illinios


On the pizza truck trail to Colorado, Wind farm in Illinois.

Pizza Truck Trail - Wind Farm in Illinios


Baby Cow :)

Pizza Truck trail - Calf in Colorado


Baby Tarabulski, IL

Pizza Truck Trail in Illinios


On the pizza truck trail in Colorado; My trusty steed; the Big Blue Ox after 3 hours driving in the snow into the Denver area. Supposed to snow today, taper off tonight. I was going to ski today at A Basin, 13,000 feet, but the forecast high is 17 degrees, with snow, and Loveland pass is closed. Will likely ski tomorrow. Forecast high in Denver today;27 degrees, this day last year; 82 degrees!!!!

Pizza Truck Trail in Colorado