Pizza Truck

Hi Friends,

Best ski day I’ve had in 22 years at Arapahoe Basin, CO…at 12, 600 feet above sea level, on the road to get our new Pizza Truck catering business wood fired oven tomorrow in Ft. Collins.  Taking this photo was a bittersweet reminder to respect Mother Nature….this very high pass, an hour from Denver takes you to some of the highest lift accessed skiing in the US…but the roses and the 5 Budweiser at the base of the sign were put there for the 5 brave souls who lost there lives in an avalanche just below here on Saturday.

I’m staying on the groomed runs and having the adventure of my life. If you like FOOD, SKIING, wood fired things, or just traveling in the mountain west, tune into my travel blog of the whole trip at Have fun, and stay safe!  Best Regards, Bruce Lyon