Teitel Bros

The heart of Little Italy now in Bethel Connecticut

Here at Victoria’s Pizza we strive to bring you an artisanal Neapolitan pizza with topping combinations that fit American tastes. We strive to source real Italian and the freshest local ingredients. We buy our Caputo “OO” flour from Naples Italy, single source Sicilian olive oils, California and Italian San Marazano tomatoes, specialty vinegars and Italian delicacies from Teitel Brothers on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Our fresh Mozzarellas and soft cheeses are from Grande in Wisconsin and our hard ripened Italian cheeses are imported.  We mix our own Neapolitan dough here in house and our cold fermentation process takes 48-72 hours and creates a sweet aromatic bread dough crust.  We top with a variety of traditional Italian, classic and new America topping combinations. We bake it all in our new wood fired oven imported from Naples, Italy.