Tori with Mariano Brothers 201701

Eleven years ago, on a snowy day in Connecticut, our lives changed when Victoria came into this world.  Yesterday, on a snowy day in Connecticut our lives changed again when our new oven arrived at Mariano Brothers Specialized Moving. Hand Built, brick by brick for us in Naples, Italy by Acunto Mario, this oven is “The Ferrari” of authentic Neapolitan ovens. At 5,500# it weighs what our other two ovens weigh combined! It’s all about the thermal battery, donut convection and insulation…I’ve been shopping this oven for 6 years…this is the only way to maintain 950 degrees Fahrenheit and continuously produce 90 second Neapolitan style Pizzas for our guests. This week our contractor is tearing out our kitchen floor and laying new masonry and tile to support this 100% wood fired behemoth. Then the oven will go in place, by taking out a part of the front of the building to allow our expert riggers to move it in. Next the walls will get subway tile and we will build out our new “exhibition kitchen”. This will allow our guests to choose their hand stretched dough, view and choose all their favorite toppings and design their pizza as we build it in front of them.  Next it’s in the oven for a ninety second bake, and then…”here’s your pie!….Enjoy!”

We’re so happy to be becoming a part of the Bethel community, a truly special place filled with extraordinary people. Mariano Brothers is a family built business started just after the second world war.  In 1998 Mariano Bothers moved Leonardo’s Horse  from the Tallix foundry where it was cast in Beacon, NY to Milan, Italy, where they constructed it for display. They specialize in the moving and erection of huge sculptures, and one of their crews recently returned from Qutar, where they were contracted by the sculptor to erect his latest works in the new International Airport there. The walls of Mariano Bros. offices are lined with photos of amazing jobs they’ve done, such has the “Prometheus” statue they set on Rockefeller Center.  They are truly one of the world’s BEST at what they do, and we feel honored to have them handling our “new baby”.

Stay tuned for announcement of our new shop opening, COMING SOON!

New Oven on Truck 201701

New Oven on fork lift 201701

Tori with New Oven 201701